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Take courage the magic is already inside you This is the theme of FarWorld the magic is already inside you How many times do we wonder if we have what it takes to move forward, to conquer fears, to do a really hard task Marcus and Kyja are finding out FarWorld Book One and they must find their own magic Is the magic strength, brilliant ideas, bravery, compassion or is it really magic Mr Savages book is a fun, intense, fast moving fantasy I had to keep reading because of the twists and turns the story takes The book is good, clean reading with humor and lessons throughout.I enjoyed watching Marcus and Kyja grow and learn and come to terms with what they thought were their weaknesses The book is obvious in pointing out black and white, good and bad, scary and safe I will admit, the bad guys made me nervous How do two thirteen year old kids stay out of the clutches of evil and save their two worlds We won t know until the NEXT book comes out Are you done writing Book Two, Mr Savage I think this book is great There is action, adventure, and some love the whole package This teenager named Marcus has a bad arm and leg He tries to save two worlds Ert and Farworld his imaginary world Marcus is the boy from the Dark circle,and if he dies Farworld goes with him.He and this girl named Kyja are trying to save Farworld. Download Epub ⚖ Water Keep (Farworld, #1) ☹ Other People May See Thirteen Year Old Marcus Kanenas As An Outcast And A Nobody, But He Sees Himself As A Survivor And A Dreamer In Fact, His Favorite Dream Is Of A World Far Away, A World Where Magic Is As Common As Air, Where Animals Tell Jokes, And Where Trees Beg People To Pick Their Fruit He Even Has A Name For This Place FarworldWhen Marcus Magically Travels To Farworld, He Meets Kyja, A Girl Without Magic In A World Where Spells, Charms, And Potions Are Everywhere, And Master Therapass, A Master Wizard Who Has Kept A Secret Hidden For Thirteen Years, A Secret That Could Change The Fate Of Two WorldsBut The Dark Circle Has Learned Of Master Therapass S Secret And Their Evil Influence And Power Are Growing Farworld S Only Hope Is For Marcus And Kyja To Find The Mythical Elements Water, Land, Air, And Fire And Convince Them To Open A Drift Between The WorldsAs Kyja And Marcus Travel To Water Keep, They Must Face The Worst The Evil Dark Circle Can Throw At Them Summoners, Who Can Command The Living And The Dead Unmakers, Invisible Creatures That Can Destroy Both Body And Soul And Dark Mages Known As Thrathkin S BaeAlong The Way, Marcus And Kyja Will Discover The Truth About Their Own Heritage, Strength Of Their Friendship, And The Depths Of Their Unique Powers This was a fun adventure I want to live in a world of talking animals, especially ones that tell jokes I really enjoyed this The characters were fun and very believable I think Marcus was such a realistic teenage boy His doubts and uncertainties were something every kid could relate to Kyja was a lot of fun I loved her confidence and determination She was such a great asset to the story She also brought Riph Raph into the picture, and he was a lot of fun I loved the parts where she was so fascinated by every day things There definitely needs to be books to the story, so I m glad there is I m excited to read the others The ending isn t killer, but the story isn t over I wish there had been with the water people The cover is a little deceiving We only get to meet the water elementals towards the very end Water is my favorite element, so I really wanted I love that this is set in a fantasy world, but it is also set in the modern day world They way that this is handled is so creative and fun I loved the whole misfit theme in the book The 2 main characters don t really belong in their worlds, but they are trying their best I really think everyone can relate to that on some level I really love how the characters grow and discover their strengths The covers on these books are awesome I am loving this book I really am I bought the book for Emily Kyle The author came to Kyle s school did a book signing So I bought the hard cover had it autographed for Emily Kyle I started reading it after I had finished Host I am finding that perhaps I really do enjoy books about places things that can not in no way be real, or can they I m almost done with it And again I am feeling saddened bc I don t have anything else to read I hear this might be a series, so hopefully that is true Anyone know Ok so I just finished FarWorld Yes I am sad, I think I read it too fast I am now thinking holy crud, it s like forever until the new book comes out in Sept MAN OH MAN So wondering if the person who commented on my post here was it in anyway the author, Mr J Scott Savage Bc if so, very cool I will tell you I love this book My husband says he has dibbs on it next But after raving about it my 12 yr old said she is reading it first We shall see who wins out on that one I loved this book I really did find myself at many times wondering what it would be like to be there living in FarWorld Nice writing wonderful story line I really can t wait until the next one comes out.I am going to be recommended this book to many Here s to the anticipation of the next book Update This year was my final one to read Water Keep with my 7th grade English students since next year I ll be a librarian, but you can bet I ll STILL be recommending this one to new readers, and the exciting news is that Air Keep will be coming SOON Since I use this book in my 7th grade English classes, I just finished rereading it for at least the fifth time, and I have to say it is still as enjoyable to me as the first time I read it See previous review below Six years ago a new member joined my writer s critique group Back then his name was Jeff Savage, and he only had one published book, Cutting Edge from Covenant Books I ll admit, I gave him a hard time on that one It was a great story, but there were things about the writing that just bugged me, and if anyone has been a regular reader of my columns and reviews, you ll know when something bugs me, I m sure to let people know.Today I m happy to say, that Jeff s okay, J Scott s for this one writing has improved, and his storytelling has become spectacular listen to the jealousy and pride in my voice Many a night I have come home from a late meeting of critique and not been able to sleep because of some scary scene that Jeff read from his latest horror novel, or I ve found myself jumping at some noise because his latest Shandra Covington book had me seeing the boogie man around every corner.This time though, we didn t really have to worry about bad things that go bump in the night well, there is the Thrathkin S Bae, Bonesplitter, and the Dark Circle, but Kyja and Marcus can handle them After all, this is young adult fantasy, and like Harry Potter and his friends, these two likable protagonists should be able to handle anything, especially since we know there are books to come in this five book series.Farworld is the story of a girl, Kyja, who wishes she had the use of magic in a world filled with spells, charms, and potions and Marcus, a crippled boy who escapes his cruel surroundings by dreaming about another world Together they take on the Dark Circle, prepared to keep Master Therapass s secret and protect Farworld, while seeking the Elementals, and convince them to open a draft between the both worlds that will save both the children s lives.Because I know Jeff so well and because I didn t want to embarrass him too badly I ve asked him a few questions to let all of you know about both his book and its author To read the interview, visit my blog 2008 09 farw Farworld Water KeepBy J Scott SavageRelease Date September 2008 Shadow Mountain Reviewed by Heather Moore Category YA Fantasy Take courage the magic is already inside you This theme is reiterated throughout J Scott Savage s first book in his new YA Fantasy series, Far World A book that I found enjoyable, adventurous, and captivating The characters are unique and skillfully drawn Meet thirteen year old Marcus a nobody, an outcast, living on earth where he is passed from one foster home to another A boy with magical powers.Meet Kyja, a thirteen year old girl who lives in Far World, a magical place where horses tell jokes and the sun rises to dawn chimes But Kyja is a girl who can do no magic, and isn t affected by magic, or so she thinks.Meet Master Therapass, a powerful wizard who has kept a dangerous secret for thirteen years When the Dark Circle discovers the secret, the two worlds of Marcus and Kyja collide Together they must outsmart the Dark Circle and travel to Water Keep the first elemental that can help them defeat the Dark Circle.Far World is full of suspense, humor, and surprising twists that will keep readers of any age guessing. Wow Jeff Savage is actually kind of a friend of mine I met at LTUE in Provo, Utah back in February He and I and a few other friends of mine shared a few good laughs I had bought Jeff s book prior to the LTUE conference, but I hadn t gotten around to reading the first book until just today, and I enjoyed every bit of it Savage writes in extreme detail His description of Marcus Kanenas, one of the Farworld series two main characters is very vivid After all, Marcus IS a disabled boy in a wheelchair There were several moments towards the beginning of the book where I actually felt like I was Marcus himself That s how you know the author is describing something really well Jeff s ability to tell a story is remarkable This was hands down one of the best middle grade fantasies I ve read, ever The cliffhangers were positioned correctly There were several times where I was making frustrated sounds, furiously flipping pages to see what happens The chapters are very short, which keeps the story moving pretty quickly I read the book in just a couple of hours I recommend this for anyone looking for a nice adventure, or a fantastic middle grade fantasy Or both If you haven t read the Farworld books, go pick up Book 1 WATER KEEP You won t regret it Matt I loved the idea of these two kids struggling to fit into the worlds they were brought up in only to discover they DON T fit into their worlds, and weren t meant to fit in, but to stand out and shine Scott created a fun, action packed, adventure that I want to be a part of My boys completely loved it and I can t wait for the next book Reviewed by Tasha for TeensReadToo.comThirteen year old Marcus Kanenas has always been tormented because he lives his life in a wheelchair Everyone sees him as an outcast, even though he really is a survivor and dreamer and he just wishes that he could escape his life as an orphan In an attempt to escape, Marcus creates a world in his head Here animals talk and tell jokes, trees have personality, and, best of all, magic fills the air He s even appropriately named this far off place Farworld Little does Marcus know that Farworld actually exists One night a mysterious man comes to the boys house where Marcus is residing and claims that he is a state attorney He has come for Marcus, claiming that his parents have been looking for him What Marcus doesn t know is that this man has an alternate identity, one that could be very harmful to him When Marcus realizes what he s up against, he tries to escape Before harm can befall him, though, he is somehow transported to Farworld After recovering from the initial shock of waking up in new world, Marcus meets Kyja, the girl that brought him into Farworld and the girl that is most often in his dreams But Kyja is different She is the only one in this world of magic that doesn t posses any magical skills While Marcus is an outcast on Earth because of his paralysis, Kyja is an outcast in Farworld because of her lack of magic The only true friend she has is her skyte a creature much like a lizard, but don t ever call them that , Riph Raph Together they must embark on a journey It seems that Kyja s good friend, Master Therapass, has been keeping a secret for the past thirteen years that is particularly dangerous to both Marcus and Kyja alike and could change the fate of both worlds The Dark Circle, the evildoers in Farworld, have caught wind of this secret and are dead set on finding Kyja and Marcus As the Dark Circle s power grows, it is harder and harder for the kids to stay away Their only hope is to convince the mythical Elements fire, earth, air, and water to create a drift between the worlds Their first stop is Water Keep On their journey they will battle everything the Dark Circle can throw at them Together they learn much about each other and themselves, forging an everlasting friendship Where to start, where to start Fantasy has never really been my thing While I have always loved a good book that centers around magic, the whole alternate world has never been my personal choice When I got offered this book, I thought, why not I mean, I feel that since I m a reviewer now I should expand my genre horizons With that said, I was hoping to find a book that would introduce me into the fantasy world and give me a better look at what the genre is really all about The first couple of chapters of WATER KEEP started off a bit shaky I couldn t really tell where the story was going and I felt like the characters were really mean towards Marcus As I got further into the book, the story quickly picked up and I found myself enthralled The author really has a talent for making a faraway place seem realistic I felt like I was riding along with Kyja and Marcus in their journey across the country land of Farworld The comments that some of the characters made, especially Riph Raph, were very humorous and I found myself chuckling many times I also thought that the premise of the book was very interesting I honestly didn t think that the plot would appeal to me, but in the end I think it is what made the book so special Not only did the kids go on a journey to find the Water Keep, but also on a journey of self discovery I think this is an important theme in books and, while it is common, J Scott Savage was able to put a twist on it and make it original The one thing that really made this message stand out to me was when Master Therapass said The real power of magic lies within you Who you are, what you do, and most importantly of all, what you may become I think that this is so true and this message continues throughout the book, but not in a monotonous manner I also think that the dialogue in the book was great It wasn t forced and it seemed to flow well It also fit the characters I ve found that as I read and I realize that sometimes the author creates dialogue that doesn t match the characters personality In this book, however, I could totally picture the characters saying what the author had written I found it unique that the main character in the book had a disability, but it wasn t the main focus of the story Marcus really came to almost accept his disability and learned to succeed with in spite of it Overall, I found myself riveted by this first book in the FARWORLD series, anxious to see what would happen next Even now I am waiting to find out what will happen in future books, which I hope to see plenty of For me, this was a great introduction into the fantasy genre, which I will for sure be reading of now