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Really good it s very entertaining This book was a little better than the last, though there are way to many that was convenient moments in the book to really keep me in suspense I still enjoyed it though. [Download E-pub] ♾ Turquoise and Terrorists ♲ The News Hit Allison Like A Blow To The Stomach A Helicopter Carrying Her Kidnapped Husband, Bart, Had Crashed Into The Side Of A Mountain I M Sorry, Mrs Alexanderere Were No Survivors, The Secret Service Agent SaidWas It True Could She Be A Widow After Only Weeks Of Marriage To The Man She Had Loved For A Lifetime They Had Come To The High Desert Of New Mexico Because International Terrorists Had Threatened To Kidnap Three Famous Celebrities And Hold Them For Ransom But Now Bart And Her Father Had Been Abducted By Those Same Evil Anarchists, And Their Getaway Had Gone Terribly Wrong Had It All Ended In A Fiery Explosion Against A Desolate Mountainside From The Opening Sentence Of This Riveting Adventure, Allison S Gifts Of Intellect, Communication And Discernment Are Tested To Their Limits She Must Over Come Almost Insurmountable Obstacles To Discover The Truth About Bart S And Her Father S Disappearancet, If There Is Still A Chance They Might Be Alive, She Must Spare No Effort To Find Them In The Two Months Since They Foiled A Major Diamond Theft In San Francisco, Bart And Allison Have Been Separated By Their Jobs Bart In Europe Recruiting Additional Agents For Anastasia, The Anti Terrorist Branch Of Interpol, And Allison Winding Up Her Job As An Interpreter At The United Nations In New York CityBecause Allison Nearly Lost Her Life On Than One Occasion In San Francisco, And Was Lucky To Escape With Only A Serious Compound Fracture Of Her Arm, Bart Is Adamant That She Ll Have No Part In Anastasia S Dangerous Business Of Stopping Terrorists Before They Strike Allison, On The Other Hand, Is Determined To Work Alongside Her Agent Husband Just As Her Mother Has Worked Side By Side With Her Father In The Elite Organization Who Could Have Foreseen, When This War Of Wills Began, The Unbelievable Outcome Of One Woman S Determination This is the fourth book in the series I have stopped thinking about how far fetched the books are and come to really enjoy the characters Good, clean enjoyable read. This time Allison is told that her husband and father have been killed in a helicopter accident She works with her mother to lead their small group of anti terrorist agents in protecting three celebrities that have had threats made against them Of course, all the while she is digging into the circumstances surrounding Bart s death, hoping for another miracle. See review for E E. Another Bart and Allison adventure never a dull page Would have been better to read them in order and not as the bookstore clerk said All the books refer to adventures and characters in previous books. Enjoying reading about Allison and Bart s adventures. I liked how this book worked out, though as usual I thought Alli was an idiot. When I read these books in middle school, I loved them I couldn t get enough Coming back to reread them, I see their flaws, but I still think they re worth the read They are fast paced, clean, educational, and easy, quick reads.