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What can I say about the Pooh bear and company that has not been said before Hmm That they are Republicans Marxists Surfing Sufis That they emanate from Namibia Tobago Sri Lanka Tijuana Managua Rotterdam Possibly the Forest is really Bacteria, Fungi, in a Petri dish That he and his friends are symbolic for Minimalism, Wind, Time, Flatulence, Touchdowns, Ben and Jerry s Maybe Forest Bedouins in search of Tents Water Malbec Velasquez Paintings Contact Lenses And this Honey business Is it really true that Bears like Honey Or will they eat anything Or only honeyed viands Like Baklava Or Taiglach Halvah Or anything unseasoned and unsweetened that is smaller than they are I am sure, like The Old Man and the Sea and Moby Dick, there is much that I am unaware of, that they are intentionally allegorical or metaphorical of something, smaller minds like mine cannot decipher That in real life they are Students at Eton Janitors from the Japanese Union on Cleanliness Antecedents of the Sadducees Member of the Crimean Crew Team Tennessean s with Teeth Avocado Advocates The Denver Federal Reserve Bank Members Knights of Columbus I don t know.And the Polite Speak Not where I live My suspicion is that they may be anagrams, a code for atomic fusion or an Oppenheimer Secret Or perhaps if the words are read backwards, it will say Paul is Dead, or Kannabis Kills To conclude this review, I understand now why my previous ones are generally one sentence long Too much of a Bad thing is Worse Or without the Irony, Less is Less.A delightful story Four Michelin Stars. Written for the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament Oh, Bother stated the Pooh Bear What could be the matter, Pooh, Asked Christopher Robin Haven t you counted all the bees in the hive and chased all the clouds in the sky Don t quote silly Kenny Loggins songs to me There s a bigger problem Like Well Mr Robin I m supposed to fight Hamlet in the Death match semi final I was expecting to go mano a bearo with him But all of a sudden these other Characters are showing up and messing up my plans.It s a sock puppet orgy Robin looked a little embarrassed and wondered if the bear was peeking in his window last night, But he continued on Why, Pooh You must look at the positive Don t you have lots of honey Yes And you have your friends Well, yeah but It was that time Tigger, Piglet, and Eyore showed up.Piglet grinned That Tolstoy was a wimp Never worry about Vegans One look at me and he crumbled Eyore never looked happy but he was a little less unhappy than usual I just gave Alex one kick He ll be singing Beethoven s Ninth one octave higher for a while Tigger was the happiest of all Wow That Hamlet was tasty I haven t had a better meal since my gig with Siegfried and Roy See, Pooh Everyone needs friend Now you can rest up for the final And Pooh was happy The Hundred Acre Wood was a nice place again. [Read Book] ☨ The Complete Tales & Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh ⚖ In , The World Was Introduced To A Portly Little Bear Named Winnie The Pooh Along With His Young Friend, Christopher Robin, Pooh Delighted Readers From The Very Beginning His Often Befuddled Perceptions And Adorable Insights Won The Hearts Of Everyone Around Him, Including His Close Group Of Friends From The Energetic Tigger To The Dismal Eeyore, A A Milne Created A Charming Bunch, Both Entertaining And Inspirational These Simple Creatures Often Reflected A Small Piece Of All Of Us Humble, Silly, Wise, Cautious, Creative, And Full Of Life Remember When Piglet Did A Very Grand Thing, Or Eeyore S Almost Forgotten Birthday Gorgeous Watercolor Illustrations From Ernest H Shepard Appear In All Their Glory With Beautiful Colors And Simple Lines, These Images Hold Their Own As Classics The Tales, Filled With Superb Story Lines And Lessons, Will Continue To Capture The Hearts Of New Generations For the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament, Heart of Darkness 25 versus The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh 24 Pooh was getting rather tired of everyone ganging up on him, and he wondered if there was some way he could grab just a couplevotes He suddenly thought of his old friend Vikki Blows Now if he inserted the picture here Oh, help said Pooh, as a half dozen angry comments appeared on his screen If only I hadn t he said, as a dozen evenangry messages turned up in his inbox You see, what I meant to do, he explained, as several people unliked his review, what I meant to do Of course, it was rather he admitted, as they all simultaneously unfriended him It all comes, I suppose, he decided, as the system administrators closed down his account, it all comes of liking votes so much Oh, help But who won asked Christopher Robin Pooh did, of course I replied That silly old Heart of Darkness wasn t even in the story, so Pooh won by default I thought so too, said Christopher Robin I just wanted to be sure. For the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament, Heart of Darkness 25 versus The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh 24 After the meal was over, we retired on deck, just at that time when evening succumbs to night, and listened while Marlow spoke of the time he abandoned the wholesome adventures of the salt seas for the convoluted mysteries of the river As he filled his pipe, I noticed the shake of his hands and looked on his countenance anew I had never beheld such a visage before, nor since one which had stared into some dark abyss and emerged alive, yet shaken,defeatedto the core I embarked at the behest of the Company, he began, travelling upriver to seek out one in their employ, about whom disturbing reports had begun to be heard Remember, he said pointedly, fixing us with hollow eyes, how little explored that region was thenNow,there is, at least, thatonemap, crudely drawn from memory by that man Robbins Robin, maybe who spent some years thereWeembarked blindly, steaming upriver, the broad expanse at river s mouth giving way inexorably, twisting, narrowing, steadily encroached by trees until we were groping our way through a green, grasping tunnel.For weeks, we spied no native denizens, only glimpsed the occasional rustling of leaves Several of our number fell to disease, others to despair, but I pushed on, driven to see this benighted voyage to its conclusion This obsession allowed for no sense of my own personal danger, until, by my calculations almost at my destination, I rounded a bend in the river and beheld a crude structure stretching from one bank to the other, crowded with those same natives who had previously kept themselves scarceGrotesque,they were, ears elongated and upright or ponderously drooping Some appeared to have tails, and all were brandishing sticks, which they flung at us, leaving us scrambling for cover We passed under the bridge, if such was its engineered intent, yet still they flung their sticks, and we heard their mad howls as we steamed onwards, Mine s in the lead No mine Mine was first Marlow paused and took a deep, shuddering breath before continuing I arrived at last at my mission s end I spied a lone native inhabitant sitting on a stump under a tree, eating God alone knew what I approached, apprehensive, moving slowly up the path Still he sat, covered in shabby, threadbare fur As I reached him, he turned his black, glassy,soullesseyes up to me and rumbled, Mister Sanders, he deadTiddly pom For CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH PURPOSES ONLY The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh versus Hamlet Scene Christopher Robin is reading a book He sighs and throws it down irritably. Pooh Why Goodfellow Robin, does that book displease you Christopher Robin Tis a tedious tome about a princeTroubled by his father s death UnnaturalOr so it seemed, and he, umanned by itFeigned a double nature to seek revenge Pooh Most tedious tome indeed, Goodfellow Robin Mayhap some hunny might sweeten its tone Christopher Robin Alas, my tutor hath required me To learn my lessons from this book And heWill not brook a change of tune to nutherMore pleasant to eyes and ears Childish thingsHe calls them, ill befitting one as IWho though but eight be half adult in years.Most out of tune will I sing, counsels heUnless an adult I learn to be Pooh So he seeks to adulterate you It seems a most unnatural thing to desire Surely a child must be but a child, for what else can he be Ay, there s the rub, to be a child or not to be Come sweet Robin, we go to gather honey and thusly feign to be a bee Christopher Robin tosses out the book, and goes off to Hundred Acre Wood. Match point Winnie the Pooh Anyone who gives Milne anything less than 5 stars ought to be held down and punched in the head by a horde of small, righteously indignant children. CELEBRITY DEATH MATCH REVIEW ONLYWe were washing up after tea Well to beprecise, the crockery was making its own way to the suds in the sink, flying through the air with just the slightest little nose wiggle from Mary.Mary I have a Halloween face for my bout with fatso, do you like it Bettie haha, that ll scare Team Pooh Seriously though Mary, how DO you rate your chances against Christopher et al, they have a lot going for them in the aaaaaaaaw department.Mary I have a little something up my sleeve MP gives that rigid backed and arms folded little smirk Bettie As we are alone, I ll tell you something that has always made me smirk When I was a little girl the name for down there was always known as a Mary, so when I heard Bert sing Jolly Holiday I couldn t stop laughing MP clears her throat and brushes away some non existent lint from the front of her jacket And was that a slight blush Mary Well my plan is as follows, are you listening On my way here I found this so I saidand when the bear is like thisand I m like thisI shall use it AND MARY POPPINS WINS AGAIN For the Celebrity Death Match Review Tournament, The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy 9 versus The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh 24 It was a most enjoyable picnic Pooh was just finishing the last bit of honey and licking around the edge of the pot in a Contented Way, when he suddenly realised that he was sitting on something Something damp and squishy Something Oh bother said Pooh Drat and bother and double bother I ve sat on two of Rabbit s Friends and Relations Oh, what will Christopher Robin say Christopher Robin came over and examined the two former mice Pooh, he said gravely, these are not Friends and Relations They are Deadly Killer Mice From Outer Space You are the Best Bear In The World, and you have Saved The Hundred Acre Wood And Pooh had never felt so proud and happy in all his life. Celebrity Death Match Review Elimination Tournament Round 2The Complete Tales and Poems of Winnie the Pooh vs Heart of DarknessHush Hush Whisper who dares Christopher Robin is saying his prayers.God bless Mummy I know that s right.Ooh wasn t it funny at teatime tonight There was Tigger and Owl and Kanga and RooAnd Jozef Korzeniowski and Piglet and PoohAnd wasn t Joe greedy Straight from the seaHe wolfed down the cake and left none for me.And Owl kept on winking and shaking his headBut nodded and beamed when I only took breadThen Joe fell to the floor, clutching his tumAnd I got so frightened I called for my MumBut God bless Rabbit and God bless PoohFor whisking the crumbs away and the plate tooAnd Joe looked so ill, and his face was so whiteAnd the doctor says that he won t last the nightOh Thank you, God, for a lovely day.And what was the other I had to say I said Bless Rabbit, so what can it be Oh Now I remember it God bless Me.Hush Hush Whisper who dares Christopher Robin is saying his prayers Note No animals were injured during the making of this review