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~DOWNLOAD ♼ Tennis Shoes: Kingdoms and Conquerors (Tennis Shoes, #10) ♣ Embark On An Epic Journey That Spans Centuries, Continents, And The Limits Of Your Imagination As All Of Your Favorite Tennis Shoes Characters Are Thrown Into A Maelstrom Of Murderous Intrigue And Pulse Pounding Suspense Still Searching For Joshua Plimpton Lost In An Ancient American Time Warp Steffanie And Harry Hawkins, Along With Their Band Of Warriors And Heroes, Find Themselves In The Midst Of A Gathering Storm Unlike Any Other In Nephite History The Final Struggle At CumorahMeanwhile, As Armies March And Enemies Plot Against Them, Meagan, Apollus, Ryan, And The Prophet Moroni Must Somehow Reach General Mormon And Nephite Headquarters To Thwart The Impending Disaster But Can They Defeat The Darker Threat That Stirs Among Them Jim Hawkins And His Sister Jenny May Hold The Answer As They Fight For Survival On The Opposite Side Of The World, Piecing Together A Mystery That Could Hold The Key To Everyone S Safe Return Home Or It Could Spell Certain Doom In The Abyss Of Time First book was great and fantabulous, and none of the books were as good as the first, but thats normal. Chirs Heimerdinger is my favorite author This book is awesome I would recommend the whole series to everyone It is heavily connected to the tower of thunder and resumes from there It runs multiple storylines at once and Jim and genny go back to the ancient worlds too Genny has not gone back to the ancient worlds since book 4 so it is great to see her back this book is very adventurous and I would recommend it to anyone LDS for sure. I love the tennis shoes books And this book, Kingdoms and Conquerors, has probably the most epic fight scene I ve ever read It is so incredible and well written and grips me utterly, but it s the knowledge of who the two people fighting are that captivates me and makes me flip the pages eagerly One problem with these books though is that there s just so much happening in the story Pretty much every page has someone running from someone who wants to kill them, or they re running to save someone they love, or there s fighting and battles and lies and murders and attempted murders There are several different groups of main characters and points of views So you re reading three or four different stories, that may connect in the end or will just carry to the next book and connect somehow there , and it s several chapters later that you get back to a certain story I sometimes wish we could just stay with one character or group, and then move to the next group that s in a completely different time and story There s hardly room to take a breather There is some romance, actually some great romance that I love and makes my heart melt, especially Apollus swoon , but the romance parts aren t very often Anyway, this book is still pretty epic It s so intricate and incredibly thought out and plotted I love seeing valiant, righteous heroes from the Book of Mormon come to life Chris Heimerdinger sure can write one gripping, elaborate story And I love it. These are beginning to blur together for me and it makes it almost impossible to give each one a fair review on its own I enjoyed this one than 9, however, although it s just as chaotic and over the top One thing we gained here is a character who isn t perfect in his testimony along with one who rejects the gospel entirely Up until now, every main character has been virtually doubt free, and that s even unrealistic than floating cities or sorcery It s nice to see someone who is actually struggling. Hurry up Chris and get us the conclusion We almost made it through the entire series last year These books have been a lifesaver on the 30 mile ride one way to school every day I had a 1 grader to a senior and anything in between in the car and all were captivated often we would find ourselves series at school and no one want d to get out of the car just yet because we were in the middle of something. Heimerdinger continues to spin a complicated, intricate plot. I HOPE HE WRITES THE NEXT ONE SOON you have to read this This is another great time traveling adventure where the Hawkin s family goes to the Holy Land near the time of Christ s life They must deal with Barrabas.