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Casually, one hand reached out to the control panel and pressed down a switch There came a slow metallic growl from the end of the table on which Bond lay It curved quickly up to a harsh whine and then to a shrill high whistle that was barely audible Bond turned his head wearily away How soon could he manage to die I ve been trying to write up a review for Goldfinger probably the most famous of the Bond adventures for a couple of days now Well, since this was a re read, I guess you could say I have been trying to write down my thought for a couple of years The problem is that I didn t find this one as interesting a story as some of the others Don t get me wrong, there are some great characters in this namely Auric Goldfinger and Tilly Masterton, and of course Pussy Galore, but the plot of this book was rather boring, especially when it became clear towards the end that the book heavily deviated from the film view spoiler In the book, they never get to conquer Fort Knox hide spoiler Rating 4.8 of fiveThe 1964 film gets almost five stars I doubt very seriously the book would getthan one.So, first let s talk about the song swoon If you don t like the song, don t ever tell me I will unfriend you and make a voodoo dolly to do awful, awful things to you Ever read The Wasp Factory Yeah, that ll sound like Sunday school K Clear enough Good.Then there s Connery beefcakin around in a skimpy swimsuit There s a passel of cool cars, including the iconic Aston Martin DB5 swoon and a 1964 Thunderbird and a 1964 1 2 Mustang convertible gasp andI d better stop, things could get messy.The real over the top putter moment is the fight sequence in Fort Knox, with all that lovely fake gold Odd Job, the villain with the lethal hat, comes to a shocking heh end, after a balletic slugfest And of course the nuclear bomb inside the truckbed tool case is disarmed at007 seconds to go I feel sure there was a plot in there somewhere, but frankly if you re watching Bond films for plot you re a sad creature It s got verve and gusto and style Watch it to bathe in the unrepentant sexism and piggery and racism of a bygone day, served up without malice It s all there, it s all appalling by today s lights, but it wasn t put there to shock or edify as it would be today That s just how it was, so that s what they show.If they remake this one in the Craig reboot, I will be on tenterhooks waiting to see what they come up with to call Pussy Galore the pilot.I loved every ridiculous frame of it. #Read Pdf ì Goldfinger ⛄ Auric Goldfinger Is The Richest Man In England Though His Wealth Can T Be Found In Banks He S Been Hoarding Vast Stockpiles Of His Namesake Metal, And It S Attracted The Suspicion OfS Superiors At MI Sent To Investigate, Bond Uncovers An Ingenious Gold Smuggling Scheme, As Well As Goldfinger S Most Daring Caper Yet Operation Grand Slam, A Gold Heist So Audacious It Could Bring Down The World Economy And Put The Fate Of The West In The Hands Of SMERSH To Stop Goldfinger, Bond Will Have To Survive A Showdown With The Sinister Millionaire S Henchman, Oddjob, A Tenacious Karate Master Who Can Kill With One Well Aimed Toss Of His Razor Rimmed Bowler Hat It was going to be fun playing hare and hounds across Europe The sun was shining out of a clear sky Bond felt a moment s sharp thrill down his spine He smiled to himself, a hard, cold, cruel smile Goldfinger, he thought, for the first time in your life you re in trouble bad trouble.Bond is drinking bourbon in the Miami airport and philosophizing about life and death He has just neatly taken care of heroin distribution ring You may think of Bond as a cold, hard killer but actually in the books he is very philosophical and is always thinking about life, death, and his place in the world.Bond s flight is delayed and he s approached by a rich American named Du Pont, a small character from Casino Royale This character is having a spot of trouble and Bond agrees to help him It appears Du Pont, a millionaire, is being cheated at cards by a strange fellow named Auric Goldfinger Du Pont can t figure out how Goldfinger is cheating him and tells Bond he ll give him 10,000 for solving the mystery Bond, bored with his rough work and in need of a break, agrees.Goldfinger is, of course, a cheat And Bond busts his game wide open and obtains proof, 10,000, and a gorgeous young woman named Jill Masterton who has been helping Goldfinger fleece people Unfortunately for Bond, Goldfinger is involved in muchserious criminal activity than cheating at cards And he loves revenge almost as much as he loves gold This book is a fascinating Bond book on many levels OFFENSIVELet s get the offensiveness out of the way first This book is very offensive It is derogatory towards the following Mexicans, Jews, blacks, Koreans, lesbians, people with a cleft palate, gay men, feminists, Americans who live in the South I think that s it.The really offensive stuff is poured on Koreans and lesbians Fleming just does not stop with his comments about these two groups The book lets us know that Koreans have no respect for human lifeRetired policemen have a respect for human life That is no good if I wish to stay alive The Koreans have no such feelings That is why the Japanese employed them as guards for their prison camps during the war They are the cruelest, most ruthless people in the world.Koreans enjoy eating catsI am tired of seeing this animal around You may have it for dinner The Korean s eyes gleamed.Koreans enjoy hurting raping killing white womenThe women are not much to look at, but they are white and that is all the Koreans ask to submit the white race to the grossest indignities There are sometimes accidents Koreans are less than human Bond intended to stay alive on his own terms Those terms included putting Oddjob and any other Korean firmly in his place, which, in Bond s estimation, was rather lower than apes in the mammalian hierarchy.You can find tonsthose are just the highlights.Fleming also exhibits some rather bizarre ideas about lesbians and homosexuality in general For instance, he blames women s lib for homosexuality in general He s also confused about what a lesbian really is Allow me to illustrate Bond came to the conclusion that she was one of those girls whose hormones had got mixed up He knew the type well and thought they and their male counterparts were a direct consequence of giving votes to women and sex equality As a result of fifty years of emancipation, feminine qualities were dying out or being transferred to the males Pansies of both sexes were everywhere, not yet completely homosexual, but confused, not knowing what they were The result was a herd of unhappy sexual misfits barren and full of frustrations, the women wanting to dominate and the men to be nannied He was sorry for them, but he had no time for them.Wow I honestly was laughing so hard during this passage I thought I was going to choke You could say, Carmen, how could you possibly be laughing at this You are a strong feminist Well, I ll tell you why it s just so absurd It s just so ridiculous that anyone ever thought this way that it cracks me up Oh, gosh Poor, confused Ian Fleming, you still had so much to learn about life And this is why I say Fleming doesn t understand what the word lesbian means One of the allegedly lesbian characters ends up in bed with James Bond When he says, They told me you only liked women She said, I never met a man before. Get that Lesbians are only lesbians because they haven t met a real man who can put it down in bed for them I couldn t help laughing hysterically at this thought, either I have quite a few lesbian friends and it cracks me up that Ian Fleming really believes this Too pathetic.But wait it gets worse And this part I m NOT laughing at, at all The part where Fleming tells us that lesbians are created when girls or teenagers are raped He believes being a lesbian is a defense mechanism in response to rape at a young age view spoiler Pussy Galore admits to Bond that the reason she s been a lesbian for over a decade is because she s from the South and her uncle raped her when she was 12 and it put her off men But of course, now that she s met Bond, she s no longer a lesbian And will now immediately be ready to jump into a sexual relationship with Bond with no problems hide spoiler The glamour isn t worth the price Ales KotWell, I think I am just about done reading Ian Fleming s stories of Agent oo7, James Bond, thank you very much This is in spite of my being a completist I set out to read the series and read them all I usually would do But I think I sort of have the pattern here Bond meets a villain, meets a girl and defeats the villain You do what you can to ignore the casual racism and misogyny in exchange for the glamour, and well, the best of James.This one begins with Bond on vaca meeting a man who is being cheated at Canasta by Goldfinger Bond exposes him, but then hangs out with him, having The Best Dinner of His Life at the Best Restaurant in the World He plays golf with Goldfinger at the Best Golf Course in the World, where Bond finds Goldfinger also cheats at golf They drive the Best Cars in the World, and drink the Best Whiskey We, who want to Be Bond, take notes on all the specifically named product placements Sales soar Auric Goldfinger is the richest man in Great Britain, and he is obsessed with gold, he can t get enough of it One of Goldfinger s assistants is Pussy Galore, who leads a band of mercenary lesbians Auric which also means gold he s a walking redundancy or tautology finds Bond is Not on His Side, forces Bond to work for him in his goal to knock off Fort Knox This plan does not work, but he does eventually get the girl and do the right thing in preventing AG from killing the 60K people he felt were expendable toward his goal Thus proving that imperialist Bond is not as bad as Goldfinger Goldfinger is really interested in winning, in accumulating, in money He doesn t really have what Bond has, which is lust for beautiful women Goldfinger replaces the deadly sin Lust with Greed.We know Bond is also a capitalist, and imperialist he loves everything Goldfinger loves, the Best of Everything He wants the Finer Things of Life, and we as readers are seduced as Bond is seduced I admit I have noted some brands of alcohol Bond orders I would love to own just one of his cars, even for a day We want those things, too But the difference between Bond us and Goldfinger is that we won t do ANYTHING to get those finer things We won t allow 60K people to die so we can be the Richest Man in the World He literally paints his women normally prostitutes gold before sex, which is a thing you know from book and film covers Cool Glamorous Uh, no, painting skin all gold is not good for you, as it turns out It can kill you As Kot makes clear, glamour is not worth the price you pay Fleming, I am told, wanted the censors to allow calling Goldfinger Goldprick They allowed Pussy Galore, though American publishers debated this, finally caving to Fleming Things I liked Bond is a bitcomplex in this book than any of the previous 6 Bond novels by Fleming James Bond, with two double bourbons inside him, sat in the final departure lounge of Miami Airport and thought about life and death The premise is almost always ludicrous, with cartoon characters for female leads and villains, and crazy fifties 1959 pulp thriller plots, and this is still the fun part Bond saves the world and America s Gold and gets the Girl why am I typing with all these capson the problem with the girl getting part, later I like what critique there is here of capitalism and greed, even implicated as Bond is in the process until the end I mean, Fleming is not critical at all of getting rich, but he ramps it up to ridiculous level in Goldfinger Things I didn t like Bond and, I learn Fleming goes out of his way to make a point about lesbians, in what is now a tired fashion He assumes that Pussy Galore, a lesbian, and Tilly Masterson, a lesbian, just need the Right Man to turn them A product of the time Sure, but Bond has sex with both Tilly and Pussy, changing their minds Fleming feels that lesbians are a product of women s suffrage, which creates confusion about sexual identity Bond came to the conclusion that Tilly Masterton was one of those girls whose hormones had got mixed up He knew the type well and thought they and their male counterparts were a direct consequence of giving votes to women and sex equality As a result of fifty years of emancipation, feminine qualities were dying out or being transferred to the males Pansies of both sexes were everywhere, not yet completely homosexual, but confused, not knowing what they were The result was a herd of unhappy sexual misfits barren and full of frustrations, the women wanting to dominate and the men to be nannied He was sorry for them, but he had no time for them Until he does Bond felt the sexual challenge all beautiful Lesbians have for men And so Bond stoops to have a brief and we are told intense affair for one night with Tilly It s a sign of righteous pity Bond can heal a lost lesbian soul with his body And according to Fleming, he does Later, lesbian gang leader Pussy Galore one of several offensive names for women Fleming invents, including Honeychile Rider, Octopussy, Holly Goodhead comes on the scene and tells Bond You can turn off the charm I m immune But apparently she s not Austin Powers International Man of Mystery features a character named Alotta Fagina, making fun of Fleming But are these names funny, or misogynistic I thought funny, as a clueless teenager but do we have many such dismissive names for men in Fleming I call this misogyny I continue to find it fascinating, Fleming s obsession with torturing Bond in this one, Goldfinger s assistant, Oddjob, is the guy for the job Okay, a little sadistic cruelty, sure, why not, it s an adventure story But in every book Bond s racism In this one it is all about the savage Koreans, who are not really fully human All the villains are physical freaks Dr No had prosthetic hands, after amputation, and this detail is to add to the fact that trans humans are less than normal, they are monsters Goldfinger here is very large, bald, a freak It is interesting that Goldfinger is British, rather than American, because Bond hates the crude tasteless American style, Viva Las Vegas, but Goldfinger embodies the rich American greed here But Goldfinger isn t really a true British citizen he s naturalized, actually Baltic, so he fails to meet the standard for the one drop rule for white British superiority Okay, so I am done with Bond, and my juvenile fascination with him oh, maybe for fun I ll still rewatch some of the movies This movie in particular I once loved, and will watch again soon, maybe But the things that at one time for me made Bond attractive the sex, the sadism, the vulgarity of money for its own sake are not quite so fun any. Fear, Mr Bond, takes gold out of circulation and hoards it against the evil dayIan Fleming, GoldfingerA very enjoyable read except for a couple nagging complaints I hate Fleming Bond s attitude towards asians Koreans in this book, but it was Chinese in Dr No and women lesbians in this book It doesn t age well While I wasn t alive in the 50s, and I suspect it wasnormal 60 years ago, it still reads a bit too heavy with white, masculine overcompensation I would have given this over the top spy thriller four stars, except for the sexist racist complaints above It produced one of the best Bond movies of all time and also introduced one of the worst named, but most interesting characters Pussy Galore in the James Bond universe I loved the way the novel was structured into the three run ins with Goldfinger I Happenstance II Coincidence III Enemy Action , with each run in becomingandover the top I loved the car chase, the golf game, etc I think the best summary of this book came from Roy Perrott, writing for the Manchester Guardian, who said the novel washard to put down but some of us wish we had the good taste just to try I will never get over the name Pussy Galore. The movie has got to be better than this shit Yes, I shall procure a copy for myself, and watch it all the way through I must confess I have only seen parts of this cinematic Sean Connery classic, and the parts I have seen did offer up a slight sense of endearment for yours truly But my attention span waned, and my movie prowess faltered, and I must confess I sometimes have the attention span of a fruit fly But I shall push through, much as I did with this piece of male chauvinistic trash.The golf scene proved longwinded and a bit of a bore And I happen to really like golf After the scene, though, I wanted to chuck my clubs through an open window and burn my golf shirts in a bonfire So I ve got that going for me.Pussy Galore is one of the best names of all time, right Yes, you are absolutely correct But the way she falls for James Bond made me want to hurl up a Happy Meal She may have been a lesbian, but she d never met a man like James Bond I haven t either, but that doesn t mean I want to marry the bastard.Even Auric Goldfinger felt limp dicked compared to his grand cinematic self And I m sorry but I just didn t buy Bond and GOLDFINGER working together More than anything, though, I wanted to hear one of the most famous exchanges of all time, and I ended up with zip Zilch Nada What exchange You might ask Why, it s this one James Bond Do you expect me to talk Auric Goldfinger No, Mr Bond, I expect you to die I think it s safe to say I was screwed.Cross posted at Robert s Reads Reading, Good Reading GOOD AS GOLD Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, the third time it s enemy action. This quote from the novel is quite relevant, since Goldfinger, the book, is separated in three parts precisely named after the terms Happenstance , Coincidence and Enemy Action , describing the interaction between James Bond and Auric Goldfinger, respectively protagonist and antagonist in the story Also, defining how the story in general is evolving in its own development Goldfinger is the seventh 007 novel in the series of James Bond original books, and you won t be mistaken how relevant this story is, in the middle of the legacy of the most famous secret agent in literatura and movies.I have watched A LOT of times the film of the same name, and finally I was able to read the original novel I liked that while both format have many similitudes, both are enough different to justify the reading and giving a great experience while doing it.The Bond movies weren t produced in the same order of the books, so Goldfinger while was the seventh book, it was the third movie, but definitely, besides being my favorite movie of the Connery Era , it was a crucial one to ensure turning the movie into a saga In the movie is re introduced the musical theme from Dr No becoming now The Bond Theme Also, it s presented the now famous Austin Martin DB5 on the novel it s an Austin Martin Mark III, that I guess was the latest model at the time of the publishing of the book starting a legacy of cool cars with techno gadgets And finally presenting Pussy Galore , one of the Bond Girls with one of the names most remembered by the audience for obvious reasons but also, if Pussy was a memorable character on the movie due being portraited by Honor Blackman getting previous fame on the British TV series The Avengers , on the book she is certainly one of the most complicated and unusual kind of Bond Girl ever, she isn t just somehing shining in the scenario, but a relevant character in the story, with an important role in the plot, but also with an unexpected interaction with James Bond making her certainly unique in the long list of female characters attached to the Bond Girls List Prohibition is the trigger of crime It was good to see that the character of Tilly Masterson has a longer role in the book than in the movie, and also due her relationship to Pussy Galore, becoming ainteresting character in the book.Oddjob is the same as cool and dangerous henchman in the book as he is in the movie.While both presentations of Auric Goldfinger in book movie are quite similar, I was left with a sensation that Goldfinger is a littlemenacing and smart in the movie version than his original presentation on the book It s interesting the introduction of the story in the book, since until the main plot of Operation Grand Slam begins to kick off, the narrative islike a noir detective one than an espionage secret agent tale.Even while it could be called like a braking scene when James Bond is instructed about gold smuggling methods at the end of the first part in the book I liked that scene since it s a fair showing that while James Bond is formidable, it s impossible for him to know it all about everything, so it s a realistic touch in the middle of this glamorous world of techno cars and villain organizations to see that depending of the details of certain mission, even a top agent from the 00 section of MI6 needs to learn new stuff to be better prepared on the field. A good ole fashioned penis measuring contest between Bond and his villain de jeur, Aurich Goldfinger.Ever the conjurer of DC comics quality bad guys, Ian Fleming has here crafted a gem with Goldfinger a Ted Nugent capitalist s capitalist who lives to win at everything And if you re not cheating, you re not trying And we get a double helping of MALEVOLENT as his odd job man Oddjob is a Nietzschean superman Asian Mike Tyson action hero figure of badassery.Good sports writing is an under appreciated field of endeavor in literature and Fleming demonstrates his ability with the long chapter devoted to the round of golf between Bond and Goldfinger Clearly a golfer, Fleming fills this memorable scene with enough game jargon to impress any low handicapper More than that, Fleming is able to aptly convey the primal competitive urges between these two alpha males that is contextually relevant to the story Bond is a 9 handicap BTW.And of course the Bond girl this time with as AWESOME a character name as anything this side of Neal Stephenson s Hiro Protagonist Pussy Galore.Bond and Goldfinger play cat and mouse and then mano y mano in a high stake bid to wreck the global economy through a spectacular and evil plot.Critics may cite Fleming s racist and sexist worldview and his over the top commentary in this visit with Bond, but if you re easily offended you likely are not reading Fleming anyway There s also some elements that stretch the believability meter into the red, keeping this from being great.All considered, good fun in one of the most memorable Bond novels.