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It s strange that all my books are rereads this year, but I can t help it I need to see the Thomas family through to the end of the war, and I definitely have favorites amongst the kids Already have the next book in the series outbring on the cheesy dialogue and warm fuzzies as the family members finally get to see each other again Happy reading and happy new year I finished this one a week ago, and a lot happened on the past week, so no rambling nonsensical review for this one.Just, it was really really good.Wait, one thought I will say this, having seen Band of Brothers helped immensely in picturing what was happening with Alex in this one But I can t emphasize enough the violence and sweary ness of it But also I can t emphasize enough how amazing it is But also you re an adult so just figure out if you re going to watch it or not, stop asking me to tell you what to do I got books to read geez. Continues the Thomas family story Alex is involved in the Battle of the Bulge and his wife is now pregnant in England Her father, working loosely with the American SIS has returned to Germany to try and find Peter Peter had to join the German military to avoid capture by the SS after failing to cross the border with his family He s serving on the Russian front and being forced to flee in front of the Russians A walking skeleton, he deserts and heads back into Germany with refugees Wally has been sent to Japan to work in an abandoned coal mine Three years as a POW has changed him physically and spiritually He s trying hard to not hate the Japanese.Bobbi is still in Hawaii working as a nurse Her friend Richard has had his ship attacked and is missing for several weeks and the appears in hospital with burned hands Once he s returned to Hawaii and it s determined he ll keep his hands he proposes finally. This was just as good as the first two books in the series This book did have of the actual combat in WWII, which I know was important but is not as interesting to me It also had a lot of romance and history and character growth, though I loved the way Hughes showed how hard the characters had it and how they didn t always just naturally want to be faithful and resilient, but still kept the themes of God and religion and human decency throughout The struggle that Wally goes through is my favorite to read, because it is so hard for him and yet he keeps trying I love his character development. Gosh I can t 4.5 stars Didn t hit me as hard as book two, but I still cried Many times I love these characters so much, even Wally, who I hated in book 1 But he s changed so much since then and now he s one of my favorites. The emotional drama continues The Thomas children and the Stoltz family are each spread throughout the world in different theaters of the war Your heart gets pulled so many directions it s hard to tell what s going to happen and how you re going to feel about it I love a book when you feel like the characters are real, and this book doesn t disappoint The story drives you deeper into each character s life than ever before You can expect tears, as well as moments of deep joy Loved it .FREE PDF ⚇ Far from Home (Children of the Promise Vol 3) ♴ Far From Home Is A Moving, Powerful Novel About The Effects Of Adversity, And About The Love Of Family Members For Each Other If You Re Interested In World War II, Or If You Simply Enjoy A Great Story, You Won T Want To Miss This Third Volume Of Children Of The Promise I ve been enjoying the series and will definitely keep reading it, but this book felt slow and I started noticing how many of the same phrases are used over and over, and dialogue isn t what I d picture real people saying in life It feels like a low budget film in book form I love this series Hughes does a wonderful job in helping us try to visualize what it was like during World War II. 4 5 angel stars