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Rating 4 of fiveAgain rating the film from 1962 Cannot read the books, they haven t aged at all well And in so many ways, neither has the film Ursula Andress, the most remembered woman in the cast, plays Honey Ryder , and she is the last of three women to find 32 year old Connery irresistible Well DUH But her role as eye candy for the straight boys is all she does Her emergence from the sea in what was for the day a teensy bikini, but for today s audiences might as well be a burqa, led to the current Bond iteration s scene with Halle Berry splashing up out of the sea in, basically, nothin much How things have changed in 50 years.I found myself drooling over the decor Hey, the story s ridiculous and the effects are risible, had to look at something Midcentury Modern for days Gorgeous copper plated doors and beautiful leather upholstered walls OOO AAAH Bond driving that adorable Sunbeam convertible was fun for me tooand the tank with fins Ha So yeah, I give it four camp stars and enjoy it for what it now is the birth of a cultural phenomenon, interestingfor what it says about our progress than for any intrinsic merits it has. Mr Incredible I was wrong to treat you that way I m sorrySyndrome See Now you respect me, because I m a threat That s the way it works Turns out there are lots of people, whole countries, that want respect, and will pay through the nose to get it How do you think I got rich I invented weapons, and now I have a weapon that only I can defeat, and when I unleash it Mr Incredible throws a log at Syndrome, who dodges it and traps Mr Incredible with his zero point energy ray Syndrome Oh, ho ho You sly dog You got me monologuing I can t believe it The IncrediblesDr Evil Scott, I want you to meet daddy s nemesis, Austin PowersScott Evil What Are you feeding him Why don t you just kill him Dr Evil I have an even better idea I m going to place him in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death Austin Powers International Man of MysteryDaryl Van Horne You haven t seen any snowy egrets around here, have you Alexandra Medford No.Daryl Van Horne Me either Not that I d know a snowy egret if I were pissing on one You want some lunch Alexandra Medford I think it s a little late in the season.Daryl Van Horne For lunch Alexandra Medford No, pissing on birds The Witches of EastwickAnd so we come to Doctor No, Ian Fleming s sixth James Bond novel, first published in 1958.While this is another fun adventure with Bond James Bond, the monologuing evil mastermind bit is taken to almost comic proportions Doctor No was patterned on the Fu Man Chu stories, but Fleming s description has no doubt been the source of inspiration, satirical and actual, ever since.While these can all be read as stand alones, this one does make reference to Bond s injuries in the prior book, From Russia With Love.Maybe not one of his best Fleming received much negative press when this came out but it is still Bond And so fun I went back and watched the 1962 Terence Young film starring Sean Connery and Ursula Andress Great fun, surprised at many things the low budget production that nonetheless holds up well, how beautiful was Andress and how young Connery This was the film that started it all and no wonder it paved the way for so much success over the next few decades. . 1958 Was this when Fleming started to phone it in I have enjoyed several of the earlier Bond novels, but this one was full of purple prose and evencringe inducing racism and sexism than usual I mean, this is James Bond we re talking about, who was a misogynistic dick even when cleaned up for Hollywood, but Dr No is pretty much wall to wall racial caricatures, along with a vapid sex kitten of a Bond girl I know, you re saying What makes her any different from all the other Bond girls Well, usually the Bond girls are double agents or something, or at least they carry a gun, but Honeychile Rider is just a feral blonde who hangs out naked on beaches But okay, expecting Ian Fleming to write strong female characters is like expecting Jane Austen to write swordfights.James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of the Kingston station operatives After wandering around meeting the colorful locals there will be something here to offend everyone, from the description of Jamaicans as lazy children to every single Chinese person being part of the Yellow Horde , Bond makes his way to Crab Key, an island owned by the mysterious Dr Julius No Dr No turns out to be a half Chinese megalomaniac with prosthetic hands who brags about how totally evil and powerful he is He rants about how he s King of the World actually, he s the king of a tiny guano covered island , then he taunts Bond and his new squeeze for a while before putting them both into ridiculous deathtraps When this evil genius wants to kill someone, he prefers using poisonous centipedes and giant squid as opposed to, say, a bullet You just know the ceiling lasers and submarine cars can t be far behind Dr No was still fun in all its racist, sexist, cheesy pulpiness, but it lacked the details and thin veneer of plausibility that earlier novels had, and boy has Fleming s writing gone downhill in this one Go ahead and read it if you are a Bond fan, but it s definitely not Fleming s best work. Reading the Bond series is always going to have the baggage of the movie series hanging over it, after all it s the fourth highest grossing franchise of all time I think it s evennoticeable with this entry in the series, as Dr No was the first to be adapted.Knowing the different orders of the series feels slightly weirdFollowing on from the events of the previous book, Bond is sent to Jamaica in what is deemed an undemanding mission Bond is tasked with discovering why two MI6 operatives have disappeared.I really like that Bond has clearly been effected by the previous story, he s pride has taken a hit Especially now that he s been tasked with a mission that has been described as practically like a holiday.The movie itself sticks pretty faithful to the book with the only slight differences being Dr No working for a different organisation and the conclusion to that character changes.You know exactly what your getting with these books, it might not be my favourite but I m enjoying working through them in the original publication order. Unfortunately, strict patterns of behaviour can be deadly if they are read by an enemyIan Fleming, Dr NoIt is weird to visit a book that is so well preserved by a film Maybe it was because it was the first James Bond film, but it has always stuck with me The book was bothand less interesting It had some great lines by Dr No, and Honey Ryder was better developed in the book But, still, it was hard to read the book and not think of Ursula Andress, the very first Bond Girll on film, walking out of the ocean Obviously, there is something about these books and films that appeals to reader and viewer sex, adventure, etc that keeps them in print and consistently being imitated and produced However, as I ve aged, I seem to have gravitatedtowards John Le Carr s view of the world and away from Ian Fleming s One has to grow up But still, I keep coming back There is still a 14 year old boy that needs to be feed, and sometimes shaken, sometimes stirred. I loved this book Best Bond book yetpossibly the best one of all time, but we ll see.We ended the last book From Russia With Love on a cliffhanger Bond is kicked with a poisoned blade by the evil lady torturer Rosa Klebb.Now, after months of medical treatment, he s ready to go back to work The head doctor begs M to take it easy on Bond, but M doesn t believe in coddling agents He sends Bond down to what he thinks will be a relatively easy job in Jamaica Two Secret Service agents have disappeared, and for some strange reason M and the Secret Service think that they ve run off together But the secret location is burnt down, I don t know why on earth they wouldn t suspect foul play O.o Some spies they are rolls eyesThe really sad break up scene in this novel is when Bond s told that his beloved Beretta.25 is not adequate and his wife of 15 years is taken away from him and replaced with a Walther PPK 7.65 mm and a Smith and Wesson Centennial Airweight Revolver.38 calibre Bond is so sad to be separated from his true love his gun Really, you should hear how he goes on about it I m kind of worried about what goes on in that brain of hisANYWAY, we the readers know from the beginning that it s foul play we witnessed the man and his female spy secretary get murdered by Chigroes black Chinese who then stole all the secrets and burnt the place up all this is Chapter One.Bond reunites with Quarrel, his old friend from his adventures in LIVE AND LET DIE Both Bond and the readers rejoice in seeing this character again.Evil Doctor No a half Chinese, half German has bought Crab Key island and rules it like his own private country He has claws for hands and his eyes are glass Dum, dum, dum He plans on taking over the world Bwahahahahahaha When Bond and Quarrel land on the island, they meet a Girl Tarzan one Honeychile Rider Bond s upset to know that now she s part of this wretched thing, and she ll be in great danger, but he s going to do his utmost to protect her Dum dum Dum The girl tells him there s a dragon on the island A black and gold dragon with red eyes that breathes fire Bond doesn t believe herWow This is such an amazing book I was enjoying it so much Ian Fleming is such a good author and he just draws you into this story You can t escape You don t want to escape So much adventure O.ORACISM This book is expresses some racism, primarily against the Chinese but against blacks as well But not even close to the amount expressed in books like LIVE AND LET DIE But it definitely hasn t gone away.QUARREL So good to see this character again, after having an adventure with him in LALD Bond asks Quarrel to get him into shape like he did last time Quarrel puts Bond in training, to make him hard and tough so that he can defeat Dr No Quarrel also tortures the photographer Miss Chung at Bond s request This part was a bit scary as I feel Quarrel was enjoying torturing her just a bit too much, but luckily Bond steps in and puts a stop to it before there s too much damage o.O And then there s of course the fact that view spoiler Quarrel gets flame thrower ed to death by Dr No s men on Crab Key The death of Quarrel Bond uses his death as a motive to get revenge hide spoiler Morning, Armourer Now I want to ask you some questions M s voice was casual First of all, what do you think of the Beretta, the.25 Ladies gun, sir M raised ironic eyebrows at Bond.Bond smiled thinly.What fun After the last installment of Bond had left me filled with rage for a while, this one was quite a surprise There is less politicking in this one Without much concern for with the Cold War as such, this adventure turns to the mysterious Dr No.In a way, Dr No seems to be a break with the previous books Bond enters book the having only just recovered from his previous mission, which did not end as planned Filled with doubt and feeling he needed to justify his 00 status to M, Bond seems somewhat humbled To aid his recovery, M sends Bond to Jamaica to investigate the seemingly trivial matter of the disappearance of a few people two diplomats, and two members of the Audobon Society And this is where the glorious wackiness of this novel start Yes, this Bond adventure is based on the topic of birds bird watching and guano mining.The mere idea of it had me in stitches I mean Bond and birds of the feathered kind All through the book, I was wondering if Fleming was trying to pull our leg, because it is such a break with the previous Bond books It goes further Bond s relationship with Honeychile Ryder, the female lead of this book, is different to the previous books, too Probably for the first time, Bond is not pursuing her as a love interest He actually resolves to ensure she gets looked after It isn t really explained why he does it, but even though his thoughts on their first encounter are cringeworthy as is his assessment of beauty , he actually changes his stance throughout the book Colour me surprised, but it seemed that Bond showed some personal growth here Or was it Fleming Or still just Bond I m not sure I care to know which one it is but I sure enjoyed it while it lasted If I remember right, Bond will be back to his old self in Goldfinger It is not just his attitude toward Honey, but he also shows a different attitude towards upper middle class snobbery Where in previous books Fleming played on the desirability of the gentleman s club and being a member of a certain social set, he literally has Bond turn his back on them in Dr No It is subtle, but very well written Of course, the books is still packed with tones of racism and other issues, and Fleming s research is still shocking the wrong birds, urban myths about centipedes, etc but for some reason, it seemed that Fleming tried to actually change this.So, yes, Bond speaks to Quarrell like he would to a child, but it is also made very clear that he has a lot of respect for him And yes, Fleming gets his facts wrong but he s not averse to making up for it He has Bond change weapons and includes the weapons expert as a character many thanks to Troy for pointing this out to me during our buddy read.He also puts forth some wrong facts about crabs, only to have Honeychile correct them later on in the story I would not be surprised if he only learned about his error while writing the book and then chose to include the correction as a twist.Lastly, let s not forget about the villain of the piece Dr No So far he has been the best Bond villain in the series He is of a similar ilk to Captain Nemo, and without spoiling the story, let me just say that this comparison is quite appropriate when looking at both his motivations and methods If only all Bond novels were like this one Bond had enciphered a short signal to M via the Colonial Office which he had coolly concluded with REGRET MUST AGAIN REQUEST SICK LEAVE STOP SURGEONS REPORT FOLLOWS STOP KINDLY INFORM ARMOURER SMITH AND WESSON INEFFECTIVE AGAINST FLAME THROWER ENDIT Doctor No James Bond, 6 , Ian FlemingDr No is the sixth novel by the English author Ian Fleming to feature his British Secret Service agent James Bond Fleming wrote the novel in early 1957 at his Goldeneye estate in Jamaica It was first published in the United Kingdom by Jonathan Cape on 31 March 1958 The novel centres on Bond s investigation into the disappearance in Jamaica of two fellow MI6 operatives He establishes that they had been investigating Doctor No, a Chinese operator of a guano mine on the fictional Caribbean island of Crab Key Bond travels to the island and meets Honeychile Rider and later Doctor No 1976 06 1345 273 20 1962112. ^FREE E-PUB ☠ Dr. No ✑ Docteur No Wikipdia James Bond Contre D R No Dr No Est Le Sixime Roman D Espionnage De L Crivain Britannique Ian Fleming Mettant En Scne Le Personnage De James Bond James Bondcontre Dr No FilmAlloCin James Bondcontre Dr No Est Un Film Ralis Par Terence Young Avec Sean Connery, Ursula Andress Synopsis Le Chef Des Services Secrets De Sa Majest Britannique, M, Envoie EnJames Bondcontre Dr No Wikipdia James Bondcontre D R No Dr No Est Un Film Britannique Ralis Par Terence Young Et Sorti Enau Royaume Uni Et En Irlande, Enailleurs Dr NoIMDb Directed By Terence Young With Sean Connery, Ursula Andress, Bernard Lee, Joseph Wiseman A Resourceful British Government Agent Seeks Answers In A Case Involving The Disappearance Of A Colleague And The Disruption Of The American Space Program Trailer Du Film James Bondcontre Dr No James BondRegardez La Bande Annonce Du Film James Bondcontre Dr No James Bondcontre Dr No Bande Annonce VO James Bondcontre Dr No, Un Film De Terence Young Dr No Film Wikipedia Dr No Is ABritish Spy Film, Starring Sean Connery, With Ursula Andress, Joseph Wiseman And Jack Lord, Which Was Filmed In Jamaica And England