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Finally. What, 2000 pages? 2 full years? These books deserve 4 stars because they shift your thinking. I look at factories now and I don't say "Ugly" but "That is the physical manifestation of man's brainpower."

They also shed light on the vicious "Robin Hood" myth: it is immoral to be wealthy, and perfectly moral to be poor and envious of the rich.

Further, it defines well what it is 'to be.' Ayn Rand defines "to be" (as a MAN) is to use your brain, to achieve, to aspire, to accomplish greatness. "Man as man."

The story is entertaining. It's a bit romantic in that there are clear heroes and villains and large dramatized themes.

My biggest disappointment is that she assumes she is right. There is no room for argument. In this way it feels didactic. Picking up a battered old copy of Ayn Rand‘s "The Fountainhead" when I was twentynine was a lifechanging experience that snapped me out of my routineinduced stagnation and reignited my thinking processes. Ayn Rand and I differ on many positions (big time!) but this tale of architect Howard Roark, the living embodiment of integrity, is a thrilling portrayal of what a human being is capable of becoming and creating. After reading this book, I put off reading Rand’s followup magnum opus, "Atlas Shrugged," because I wanted to delay the pleasure I knew I would receive from reading it. A couple of years later, I did read it; I laughed, I cried, I cheered. It was, in a word, awesome. Say what you want about Rand’s philosophy but give the lady her due—boy, could she write!

What I like about Rand's philosophy is her celebration of an individual's integrity, selfreliance and courage to follow his or her heart. What don't I like about Rand's philosophy? Just about everything else! Download Kindle ⚖ Atlas Shrugged & The Fountainhead ☪ La Grve Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand, SophieAtlas Shrugged, La Version Amricaine, A Provoqu Aux Etats Unis, Chez Ceux Qui L Ont Lu, Un Profond Dgot De La Social Dmocratie Bien Intentionne, Douce Et Gnreuse En Apparence, Mue En Vrit Par Des Caractres Mivres Et Avides Ayn Rand Nous Livre Un Dcryptage Aigu De Ces Hypocrisies Atlas Shrugged Part I FilmAlloCin Atlas Shrugged Part I Est Un Film Ralis Par Paul Johansson Avec Taylor Schilling, Michael O Keefe Dcouvrez Toutes Les Informations Sur Le Film Atlas Shrugged Part I, Les Vidos Et LesLa Grve, Atlas Shrugged Broch Ayn Rand Achat LivreLa Grve, Atlas Shrugged Rsum Pendant Les Anneset Dans Des Tats Unis En Passe De Devenir Insidieusement Une Dmocratie Populaire , Deux Industriels Tentent Hroquement De Dfendre Leur Libert D Entreprendre Contre Le Processus De Collectivisation Dagny Taggart Chemins De Fer Et Hank Rearden Aciries La Grve Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand Babelio Roman D Nigme, Roman Philosophique, Roman Politique, La Grve Atlas Shrugged A T Traduit En Dix Sept Langues Et Est Le Livre Le Plus Influent Aux Etats Unis Aprs La BibleAtlas Shrugged Rand, Ayn Livres Atlas Shrugged Is One Of Those Books That Divides Its Readers The Book Is Extremely Long And Does Get Become Unnecessarily Long And Repetitive At Points, But Is Still A Good Read Nonetheless The Story Is Set Many Decades In The Past And Focuses On A Rail Executive Who Finds Herself In A World Where Business Leaders Are Disappearing The Story Is Interesting And Gripping, But Not The Main Reason Why People Atlas Shrugged Movie Official Site Atlas Shrugged Movie Official Site Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Website Atlas Shrugged The Movie Finally Makes It To The Silver Screen Based On Ayn Rand S Epic Novel, The Atlas Shrugged Trilogy Is Now Available On Blu Ray And DVD Atlas Shrugged Part IIMDb Directed By Paul Johansson With Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler, Matthew Marsden, Edi Gathegi Railroad Executive Dagny Taggart And Steel Mogul Henry Rearden Form An Alliance To Fight The Increasingly Authoritarian Government Of The United States Atlas Shrugged WikipediaMeubles Atlas Spcialiste Du Meuble, De La Cuisine Et DeAtlas Le Meilleur Du Meuble, De La Literie Et De La Cuisine Depuis Plus Deans, Atlas Vous Propose Tous Les Services D Un Spcialiste Et Vous Offre Le Meilleur Du Meuble, De La Cuisine Et De La Literie Toujours Votre Disposition En Magasin, Les Conseillers Atlas Se Feront Un This is an amazing, amazing book of thought. Through the novel Rand illustrates her philosophy of Objectivism. As an artistand one who studied with architectsfinding myself feeling like the black sheep in the lot most of the time, I was astonished. The Fountainhead articulated a lot of social and individual behavior that I have understood and also been frustrated by. The idea of the creative soul being genuine and selfdirected as spiritual selfrespect, driving against a crowd, against a society where selfworth is gained from outside praise, is an idea everyone should ponder.

REad this book! It will change your life! The way you look at otherswhy you find yourself impatient with insincerity and false social behavior, and the way you look at yourself. Integrity! second (or third?) time around it's even more tedious. constant moralizing wears on me. i love the relentless faith in the individual, but the characters are so flat in order to hammer her political agenda, that the plot ceases to be entertaining and leaves me wishing i'd just read a paragraph summary of objectivism and spent the other 1800 hours reading something less redundant and more entertaining Only read The Fountainhead and it was horrible. Two stars is generous. I couldnt even make it through Atlas Shrugged. I love her book We the Living which I believe was her first novel and the nearest thing to an autobiography from her and I cannot believe the same author put out these two books. I don't really understand the hype over either one they are overdone and too long with no real point. The characters are not real to me just idols of the ideas in her own head. Both books are about a 'philosophy' and she should have stuck just to writing books on her philosophies cause these novels fell horribly flat. Ayn (pronounced eyen) Rand presents a lot of well thought out ideas regarding the weaknesses of society. Her ideology, although wellmeaning, is thoroughly flawed. Her world exists in a vacuum where nothing happens that is outside of the control of man, and where a man creates his own soul. Despite that, I really like this book. I was very taken with Ayn Rand when I originally read her books. I still find her logic compelling, however, she never really understood that compassion can be part of enlightened self interest. Her characters are intentionally very hard edged and idealistic, I get that. The problem is, like all conservatives, she has no room in her view of life for people who are unable to care for themselves. I recently discussed this with a friend who believed that people should just all be responsible for themselves. If someone can care for them self, let them die. That is the message of Rand. The problem is, leaving these marginal people to die creates crime, a drain on our hospitals money (as they are currently paid) and many other social ills.

Why is it that supposed Christians think that Rand is so great? it is because most modern Christians have entirely forgotten about Christ and what he taught. I heard one man pushing a version of Christianity where Jesus was some sort of ass kicking biker who didn't care about the poor and weak and meek. He said that Jesus was really all about giving people hell and all this loving kindness crap was a giant load. He taught that Christians should be all about hate and contempt and violence.

Most of this kind of attitude comes from Rand and her ilk. Love your fellow man, but if he needs help, too bad. Praise the Lord. I hate how cold the books are. Ouch. I don't think Ayn Rand ever hugged anybody. Its the best screening test I've ever come across. If you love Ayn Rand, its unlikely we'll ever be friends. I know, saves us so much trouble. In my book, Ayn Rand still stands as one of the most powerful fictional writers capable of imbuing her work with philosophical ideals, and The Fountainhead is no let down. Yes, her characters can be a little onesided, with unbending ideals they seem capable of upholding in the midst of the greatest strife. However, just being able to imagine and describe these kinds of intellectual pariahs and support their personas with such thorough background is a significant accomplishment.

The only point at which this became unwieldy to me was during one of the final scenes, when court dialog is used as a thin disguise for Rand to rail on about her ideals through her protagonist and to tie some of the final plot knots. Normally, this would have been fine to me, except this diatribe goes on for quite a few pages. I considered lowering my rating to 4 stars in light of this grueling scene, but in the end, even this faux pas is excellently written and wellsupported.

Overall, this book is a mustread for anyone interested in the philosophy of self, individualism, and motivation. The only book in Rand's arsenal that tops this is Atlas Shrugged.