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First of all, I m not sure if my negative opinion of the book is because it took me so long to read it, or if it took me so long to read it because I didn t like it, but I almost gave up part way through The girl in this series really bugs me She is a magnet for disaster, and not just accident prone, in practically every book there is some monumental natural disaster in this case a tornado that just happens to land right where she is I guess I just didn t get sucked into the story enough that I could enjoy the coincidences instead they just bugged me I also don t even enjoy the romance side of the book because her and her husband have such a strange relationship, I can t relate to it at all There were a few things I did like but overall not much. (((BOOK))) ↜ Amethysts and Arson ↡ When Allison Married Bart, She Knew Theirs Would Be No Ordinary Marriage Bart Works Undercover For Interpol S Anti Terrorist Agency, Anastasia, And Allison Is Already Familiar With Danger And Near Death Than She D Like To Be Now This Intrepid And Charming Duo Encounters Their Most Challenging Mystery YetBart S Uncle, An Arson Investigator, Has Been Receiving Anonymous And Mysterious Clues To Crimes Planned But Not Yet Committed Allison And Bart Must Call Upon All Of Anastasia S Resources To Stop This Madman From Killing Hundreds Of Innocent People And Destroying A Dozen Significant Historical Sites Out Of Some Twisted And Unexplainable Drive For Revenge A Dozen Bombs Have Been Hidden In Sites Across The Southern United States, And In A Race Against Time, Allison And Bart Must Find And Disarm Them Before They Explode Can They Do It Doesn t ANYONE get tired of Bart calling Allison Princess It drives me nuts It s so corny and cheesy and lame I really enjoy these books, but her nickname bothers me and with every book. I loved the view into American heritige This plot was fun and for once I thought Allisons fears natural and reasonable, though I m glad she got the better of them in the end. okay this book was really good I loved watching them try and figure out what the words meant and where the bombs were Allison is such a funny character and I love her and Bart to pieces Bart is such agood husband even though he might not be there all the time It was heartbraking to read when Allison lost her baby that she didn t even know that she had Which is so ironic becuase Bart and Alli were arguing about wether or not to have kids for many days, but she was already pregnant And then to make it even worse, since one of her flopian tube burst she is less likely to become pregnant Which is so so sad cause I think thats what they need to be a balanced normal family Bart most likely would want to be home often than out in the field I loved figuring out who was making the threats along with Bart, Alli, Emma and Joe and guess what I was right THESE BOOKS ARE MY FAV When I read these books in middle school, I loved them I couldn t get enough Coming back to reread them, I see their flaws, but I still think they re worth the read They are fast paced, clean, educational, and easy, quick reads. Love this writer Can t wait for the next one. See review for E E. With each succeeding book in this series, I feel the author has developed as a writer Very enjoyable characters. After reading Amethysts and Arson I want to take the Lynn Gardner deep south tour of all the great places her characters Allison and Bart visited They were in hurry to save beautiful historical buildings and museums from being leveled by a madman They rushed through these tourist spots but you really feel like you were there Lynn says she does her best research by going to the places her characters visit On Lynn s website I found out that she indeed visited all these places in her book Research for this book took me solo six thousand miles, from coast to coast, through sixteen states You can tell she was really there by the description of every place There was plenty of mystery and intrigue through out the whole book Allison is spunky and smart but very accident prone Her husband Bart is sweet and very in love with his wife During all this life and death events we experience the struggles of a newly married couple and the decision of bringing children into an uncertain world This is my kind of book, plenty of mystery and action but a great love story.