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THIS BOOK IS MY DREAM.It s Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, plus Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, plus a ton of critical analysis and fun facts and biographical info and poetry and background and cultural and period information and bonus illustrations and basically all you need or could ever want to know, except if you re me and your love for and curiosity about Alice and Lewis Carroll and Wonderland will never be satiated.And also it s about a square yard and the font is tiny and it weighs about 30 pounds and takes an eternity to read.I loved this so much that it made my heart hurt to finish it My version of paradise is probably something like this, where I m alternating between reading the original text I lovethan anything and eloquent, wise, humorous elaboration on things I had never known TheI learned, theI wanted to know.I guess you could say I grew curiouser and curiouser.I love myself.Anyway, my bookmark for this book was a folded up sheet of lined paper on which I wrote down the titles and works of art and research queries I wanted to knowabout as I read I filled up both sides of that sheet.Absolutely every aspect of this book is gorgeous and curated and fascinating I don t really know how to review this because it basically transcended reading for me It was just a perfect experience.Bottom line If you love Alice like I do, or really really like it, you need to read this book It s a gift That s all I can say pre reviewi have never, in my entire life, cried in public over a book.until today.THIS BOOK MADE ME CRY IN PUBLICof a review to come Curiouser and curiouser edition This is the annotated edition, collecting both novels in the Alice book series Alice s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and What Alice found There. WE RE ALL MAD HERE Begin at the beginningThis was technically a re reading since I ve already read both novels previously, the key difference here was that this is an annotated edition, which includes a comprehensive section, at the end of each chapter, with tons of notes revealing behind the scenes detailing moments in the life of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll , the real meaning of scenes, the real inspirations for several of the characters in both novels, historic meaning in the Victorian England of casual expressions that got outdated nowadays, studies in the metrics of the poems included in the novels, etc I don t thinkThen you shouldn t talkIt was a curiouser and curiouser reading experience since this was my first annotated edition of any book, and I believe that if you want to engage into this sort of books, it s advisable having read the regular version of the novel first, since reading all those annotations after each chapter, it s a kinda of braking effect, since depending the chapter, you ll invest almost the same time reading the explanations than the chapter itself, so you lose a great deal of the rhythm of your reading, therefore, if you haven t read the story before, you may not enjoying as much as it was supposed to be It s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards. Of course, almost all the information was made by scholars in the Lewis Carroll s works, doing assumptions and best guesses, since the author was already gone when this annotated edition began to be conceived Therefore, it s a priceless access to get a better understanding of the novels at the era when they were published, BUTsometimes I ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. you can t fully take without a doubt the exposed explanations, since you can t ask the author any to validate if their interpretations are truly accurate So, as many things in life, it s up to you if you wish to believe them I can t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then. And as those scholars mentioned at some momento of the annotations, that sometimes we are so obssessed to find a secret meaning behind any single quote, any single character, any single scene, etc and while it s evident that some quotes, characters and scenes have indeed a double significance, some of them are merely things needed to keep flowing the narrative, as simply as that, without any conspiration or secret plot, I m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours. so don t get too deep into the annotations section and simply enjoy this wonderfully mad tale about a little girl who fell down into a rabbit s hole and she kept finding curiouser and curiouser things, even through the looking glassand go on till you come to the end then stop. Dreams , figments of the wondrous mind, what things can it createA little girl named Alice, 7 with her big sister a few years older, sitting on the banks of the gentle river Thames, on a calm , warm sunny day, in 1862 how delightful , still she is bored watching her sibling read a book, not paying any attention to her, with no pictures, imagine that getting sleepyOut of nowhere a nervous White Rabbit dashes by Alice, no big deal even though it has clothes on, not thinking it peculiar when the animal speaks, looking at a watch, and declares he will be late to an important party Intrigued the child follows the rapid rabbit down a large hole, a long tunnel , soon finding a precipice, then falling and falling, the never ending drop continues as the frightened girl starts to believe, maybe, quite possible , arrive finally on the other side of the world, welcome Australia Nevertheless landing safely in a pile of leaves, unhurt Alice in a strange hall sees a bottle that says drink me She the brave girl does, being much too big, for this land, needing to get out, to the beautiful place outside that Alice views, through the door, too small for her and shrinks this will not be the last time either, her size will vary in future adventures in this magical tale Meeting a plethora of mad characters, as one of them matter of fact boasts we re all mad here The Cheshire Cat with his always grinning smile as he fades away and reappears the Queen of Hearts the annoyed ruler frequently shouts and proclaims, Off with their heads , and her curiouser and curiouser croquet matchwith real animals for equipment, the Mad Hatter and his perpetual tea party with the March Hare who enjoys puzzling Alice The mellow Caterpillar likes sitting on top of a mushroom smoking leisurely and showing scorn for the little girl s silly questions, the Mock Turtle who head looks like a cow and is sad, the ugly Duchess sneezing because her maid s over use of pepper, other weird souls in this enchanting book appear If you are a type of person who relishes the road less traveled, this will be up your alley A classic children s fable that will always be a favorite, having soldthan 100 million copies, and adults can be entrapped also, and benefit by the amusing satire of their foibles, which everyone has.That is being human Once she remembered trying to box her own ears for having cheated herself in a game of croquet she was playing against herself, for this curious child was very fond of pretending to be two people If I ever had to choose to be another literary person than my beloved soulmate Don Quixote, it would have to be Alice in Wonderland Why would I need to be another character than the one and only Don Well, it is good to have a backup if you are asked to come to a masquerade as a favourite book character a not completely unlikely risk and side effect of my profession , and you realise that your blonde hair and the emphasis on blue dresses in your wardrobe makes that a muchnatural choice than the Medieval male dresscode of La Mancha.On the other hand, Alice is a perfect complement to the Don in many ways While he sets out to give the ordinary world some magic, she dives into Wonderland to make it sparkle with her common sense approach to madness A perfect pair, those two characters In times like these, they are neededthan ever, to fight the windmills or Jabberwockys of modern craziness As coffee is a means of survival to me, and I like the idea of drinking it out of a mug featuring an illustration of a famous tea party as nonsensical as most, butfun I once went to London and bought myself a Mad Hatter mug, the handle nicely formed like one of those keys Alice had such trouble with The quote on the back of the mug has helped me along with the caffeine and a sense of humour as dark as my no milk and no sugar coffee survive many a lesson with teenagers If you knew Time as well as I do, said the Hatter, you wouldn t talk about wasting it I know for a fact that this book can be reread as many times as needed to figure out your own identity and level of madness, without any waste of time whatsoever Who am I then Tell me that first, and then, if I like being that person, I ll come up if not, I ll stay down here till I m someone else I can almost give the same promise that Milo got in The Phantom Tollbooth RESULTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED, BUT IF NOT PERFECTLY SATISFIED, YOUR WASTED TIME WILL BE REFUNDED. ( Epub ) ♠ Alice's Adventures in Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There ⚕ I Can T Explain Myself, I M Afraid, Sir, Said Alice, Because I M Not Myself, You See When Alice Sees A White Rabbit Take A Watch Out Of Its Waistcoat Pocket She Decides To Follow It, And A Sequence Of Most Unusual Events Is Set In Motion This Mini Book Contains The Entire Topsy Turvy Stories Of Alice S Adventures In Wonderland And Through The Looking Glass, Accompanied By Practical Notes And Martina Pelouso S Memorable Full Colour Illustrations Read both as a child, and again as an adult Loved and appreciated it then love and appreciate it now A book everyone should read at least once, and one that I hope children are still reading today. Then Alice saw a large wall in the middle distance Someone was sitting on the top of it When Alice had come within a few yards of it, she saw that the thing sitting on the wall had eyes and a nose and mouth and a large pile of golden hair and when she had come very close, she saw clearly that it was TRUMPTY DUMPTY himself It must be him because that s what is written on his baseball cap, she said to herself He was already speaking to her They said I wouldn t build the wall and I built the wall They were wrong because they weren t right Really really really great wall I m sure it is, said Alice What is it for Believe me, this is the greatest wall there ever was, I m sure it is, said Alice, but please, what is it for The people, there were people, who said the wall would never be built, they were not smart people, as you see, the wall is right here, it is extremely extremely here, believe me Yes, I do see that it is, but please, said Alice, getting rather impatient, what is it for Those people, there were so many many of them, they said the wall was never ever ever going to be built, that s what they said, you can check that, it s there in the record They were really really not smart those people Everyone here can see that this is a great great day That is what people are telling me But started Alice We are making Wonderland great again Really really great Dozens, hundreds of people, have said that there would be no wall No wall at all They said it would never never never happen You can t find those people anybecause they are on the other side of the wall Oh yes, there is another side of the wall Really really other side Can you hear them Trumpty put his hand to his ear, exaggeratedly listening Alice listened hard too for a moment but could not hear a sound, except for Trumpty talking continually She had by now given up trying to ask Trumpty Dumpty anything at all It was as if he did not know what a conversation was It s going to be amazing, really amazing You will see Wonderland great again So great Sorry about that. I really just wanted to flag up that this Definitive 150th Anniversary edition by Martin Gardner is exquisite and replaces all previous editions So if you have a birthday coming up, you could ask for this And if you get it you ll have a smile that will take a really really great long time to fade away Believe me. This is a weird one TheI read theI m okay with the weirdness Does that say something about me I thought at first I wouldn t read it to my kids because it s too strange, but I m thinking now I might They just might like it We ll see how it ends Am I lame that I ve never read this before Okay, done with them both Alice in Wonderland was okay Still weird Weird and I didn t understand it Through the Looking Glass took weird to a whole new level A bad level The whole time I was reading it I was thinking, Is Carroll on crack This makes no sense And then I thought maybe I needed to be on crack to understand it I ve had crazy dreams sort of like this, all disjointed and random and all, but that doesn t mean I want to read a book about psycho dreams And what s up with shaking the poor kitten all the time I might read Wonderland to the kids I won t read Through the Looking Glass.And does anyone really know what this all means Because if it s just for fun , it wasn t. But I don t want to go among mad people, Alice remarked Oh, you can t help that, said the Cat we re all mad here I m mad You re mad How do you know I m mad said Alice You must be, said the Cat, or you wouldn t have come here 150 years ago, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson welcomed a new Dean to Christ Church College, Oxford, along with his family, including the three daughters, Lorina, Edith and Alice Charles had been writing prose and poetry since a very young age, but it was young Alice Liddell who encouraged him to write down the stories he had made up for her and her sisters, thus Alice s Adventures in Wonderland was published and has since been a stalwart in children s reading treasuries.Charles, orfamously known by his alias Lewis Carroll, was an extraordinary man, graduating from Oxford with a first in Mathematics and going on to study and teach at Oxford, where he remained until his death in 1898 Not only did he write, but he was an early pioneer of photography and also painted He predominantly wrote short stories and poems, but Alice s Adventures in Wonderland was a longer version of his unique writing style, and was published in 1865 to great acclaim He became famous almost over night and wrote the sequel Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There, though this particular story seemed much darker than the much loved Wonderland, most probably caused by the depression he felt after the death of his father in 1871 Sylvie and Bruno, a tale of fairy siblings is a lesser known story from Carroll in 1895 and did not fair as well as Alice ever did though it remains in print as a testimony to the wonderful writer Lewis Carroll was.Lewis Carroll s writing is often described as surreal and nonsensical, a lot of his words are made up, but are used in today s language think specifically of the poem Jabberwocky and he has had almost as much impact on the way we use language as Shakespeare ever did The word chortle is used today as commonly as if it truly were a real word for laughing Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe All mimsy were the borogoves, And the mome raths outgrabe Beware the Jabberwock, my son The jaws that bite, the claws that catch Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun The frumious Bandersnatch And, has thou slain the Jabberwock Come to my arms, my beamish boy O frabjous day Callooh Callay He chortled in his joy.In my most recent re read of Alice, I decided I would read aloud the poetry within the book There is a lotpoetry in it than I originally remembered, all of which is told to Alice by the various characters she meets The made up Carrollian words sound both strange and familiar on the tongue and one can find a genuine lilting rhythm to the entire book when experienced out loud with sound.Beneath the surface, the story can be seen as quite dark, particularly the latter story Through the Looking Glass Whilst both retain the whimsical, surreal nature of another world, Looking Glass hasof a sinister overtone, withthings going wrong for Alice and manycharacters being unkind to one another It also showed another side to Alice herself, as she had grown out of the rabbit hole and crying her way out of situations and instead wishedthan anything to be a Queen Her previous adventure with the Queen must have sparked this desire, though Alice had shown nothing but disdain for the Queen of Wonderland who wanted to chop everyone s head off at any given moment.I found myself enjoying the latter book to the former I cannot place my finger on the reason why, however If nothing else, it is probably thegrown up version of Alice I prefer, though in reality she is still just a child Her experiences in her first Wonderland adventure seemed to have impacted her fervently, as she navigated the Looking Glass Wonderland exceedingly well, often outsmarting those who were native to it.The two books often just collated in to one large one known as Alice in Wonderland are actually all I ve ever read of Lewis Carroll s works, though I am intrigued by his other works, particularly his poetry The surreal, nonsense nature of the poetry in Alice is unique to Carroll and I d be curious to see if it carries over in to his other works Have you ever read his other works There is some controversy surrounded Lewis Carroll, mostly brought up in biographies of him, particularly regarding his friendliness with young girls such as the Liddell children, but I shan t be commenting on that here Instead we shall concentrate on the great piece of literature he left behind, which he wrote whilst he was both disappointed and unhappy with his job of teaching at Oxford despite remaining there until his death and saddened by the loss of his mother early on in his life and by his father after Alice s Adventures in Wonderland was published It is too much to wonder whether the reputation of such an absorbing, wonderful book would be tarnished if his biographers ever learnt the exact truth of his nature and the absurdities of accusations are most likely driven by the era they find themselves in.There are many events taking place in 2015 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this wonderful, wondrous, wandering book all over the globe Royal Mail are producing celebratory collection stamps in honour of the landmark and who can forget the wonderful if rather libertarian Disney film The best thing you can do is to read and re read this book an enjoy it for what it is a beautifully written, surreal and nonsense book that has captivated the imaginations of children and adults alike On the night I re read Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, the moon decided to show me his best Cheshire Cat smile in celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the book Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy What a bunch of codswallop Trying to find something rational in these bizarre characters and perplexing adventures will result in one s disappointment, and indeed, you will find none of it For if you were to put logical reasoning into the picture, you ll need heaps of Ibuprofen to pacify that throbbing headache of yours, which I did on my first day of reading Alice s adventures By the second day, I ve decided to throw out the logical and embrace lunacy for Pete s sake It was better and made me curiouser and curiouser as I trot along after Alice Lewis Carroll was a genius Whoever knew that such an intelligent man would be able to weave both the creative and logical parts of the brain and come up with a classical, nonsensical tale that is beloved or disliked by both children and adults alike The tales are imaginative and dreamy or nightmare ish depending on one s view, as it was a nightmare for me and the word play is ingenious Utter madness, these stories are But it doesn t deter me from loving the Cheshire Cat and dreadfully missing the Mad Tea Party.Meself thinks these creatures should also exist Jub Jub Bird, Bandersnatch, and Jabberwocky I d fancy having one as a pet if and only if my desire for off with their heads edict isn t entirely quenchedWe re all mad here