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READ PDF Ò A is for Arnyx á Worthy Of SeussEmma Talamante, Goodreads Reviewer St Edition A Is For Arnyx Is A Book Of Poetry For Children In The Spirit Of DrSeuss And Shel Silverstein There Are Poems, One For Each Letter Each Poem Is About A Mythical Creature Whose Name Begins With That Letter Really enjoyed this book I received this book as a first read It s one of the better children s poetry books to come out in a while The verses are whimsical and fun and reminiscent Silverstein or Dahl The illustrations are phenomenal and bring to mind the charm of Seuss and the style of Gorey Someone should get to work marketing prints of those illustrations I d love to have them on cards, cups, tote bags they re cute and fun The book as a whole is very imaginative and happy Conner and Blue make a good team in the same vein as Scieszka and Smith The illustrations of course would ve been better i color but are still wonderful I would love to see a second book of poetry and illustrations The Afterword was also an informative and interesting read learning about the inspiration for each poem The author might want to consider writing a book about the history of poetry or some other such book since he clearly has an interest in it. A cute book of rhymes in verse with colorful characters that can be colored worthy of Seuss This was a GoodReads First Reads book, sent by the author I came home to it after my trip, and read it to my daughter that peered curiously at the various creatures mentioned The explanations at the end held my attention better than my daughter s, but for a first reading, I didn t want to miss anything I m glad I didn t, too Some of the stories are as creative as the creatures themselves The verses vary in length and form, but each holds a rhyme It s hard to pick a favorite, but if pressed, I d have to go with the Umpdyump Each rhyme has it s own voice, so the book does not get tedious And as mentioned before, this would sit nicely next to Dr Seuss A great book for the young and those that simply think young Full disclosure I received this book as a GoodReads First Read winner I liked the idea of what I thought this book could become fun verses for kids to help them learn the Alphabet with silly fun monsters Unfortunately, this book felt disjointed, scary at times, judgmental and accusatory, and filled with multiple issues with rhythm I think while adults will understand most of the rhymes I m not sure kids will get what they are really saying, which is where the fun ends up Without colors, many of which are discussed in the rhymes itself, it also leaves a lot desired from the illustrations Put simply, this book falls flat in all the ways I was hoping for it to succeed.